How do I receive SMS notifications via Tutti?

My personal settings --> Communication

By default, the email you used to sign in to Tutti will receive notifications when you receive messages, booking requests (for hosts), and booking confirmations.

However, if you want a different email address to receive those, OR you wish to be updated by text, rather than email, Tutti can cater to those needs.

Simply go to "**My Personal Settings**" (just above 'log out' when you click your icon)

When you click 'My Personal Settings' a window will pop up with 5 tabs.
Public info

For the purposes of SMS & notifications, you only need "Notifications" and "Communication"

Notifications enables you to change which messages you receive from us.

While Communication gives you controls to change how you receive those messages.

In order to add a phone number for SMS notification, simply click Add Phone, select your country code, enter your phone number, and click "System notifications" before hitting save.

When you click save, you will receive a verification text to confirm you have access to the number. Once that is verified, you will receive notifications via SMS.

Hint: If you wish to stop receiving double notifications for everything, you'll want to turn off System notifications from another communication option.
Our system will not allow you to have 0 communication options so don't worry about accidentally deleting all options.

If you want to see how to reach these settings in a video walkthrough, we also made a little video for you here: